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Weekend update

Gotcha - but if you're hoping for Seth Meyers you're going to be disappointed.

Nope, I'm talking about the kind of quick-and-effective changes you can make to take a space from really spare (as in the bedroom) to styling in a weekend (maybe two ...).

This client had the luxury of a spare bedroom. The bones were great: vaulted ceiling, beautiful palladian window, large size, and attached bath. Many hope for a master of such measure. Over the twenty or so years they lived in the home, the space has been used by visiting grandparents and out-of-town relatives, an aunt who was downsizing and in-between homes, and even a niece for an entire first year of graduate school. The closet was lovingly termed "the magic closet" by the client's children, who were amazed when mom could produce from it the perfect gift for a last-minute birthday party, the long-stored birthday presents for a special day, and even all of Santa's gifts.

But it was time for a change. Remnant bedding and furniture from the clients' own youths seemed unnecessary any longer. Yet, it is still a guest room, used about once a month, and so they didn't want to break the bank.

They wanted to create a comfortable space, using a king bed to accommodate the couples (and bigger guys!) who often stay. Color is always key for them. And simple, functional furnishings.

Here's what we did ...

We painted the whole space mermaid green. We knew it would make the existing woodwork shine, and while vibrant was also soothing, especially in the evening when guests would use it.

We crafted a headboard from siding a friend had from an old lake cottage. Bleached and washed, it was ready to be hung. I even found some great old rail nails to complete the rustic look. But we

didn't want the entire space to feel barny-y. So Crate & Barrel came through with a polka dotted duvet and shams, offset by teal pillows from TJMaxx and a cozy throw from West Elm. For nightstands, I spec'd simple side-tables in iron and glass. They add a touch of contemporary, a light against the barnwood headboard, and are super functional. Plus they can easily be moved to any other space the day they're not needed in this room.

We popped a bit of yellow in the room with the fabulous dresser we re-purposed, replete with champagne cork pulls, and tied it together with a pair of yellow ceramic lamps on the nightstands. Simple accessories including a glass and wire rustic vase filled with shells and a range of complementary ceramic bowls fill out the

details. The owners' artwork, collected over time, fills a couple of the corners, as do a rocking chair and side table they already owned.

To bring together the adjacent bathroom, without any structural changes, I found vibrant daffodil and blue towels and accents to make it feel like a cohesive en-suite.

It really was a two-weekend update - if you count the room painting and the dresser overhaul. But with very little outlay and a bit of creativity, they've really gone from "spare" to "guest" -- beautifully.

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