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My Story

A decorator by passion, fueled by comfort, colors, fabrics, styles, and the promise of making a house into a home.

About me

My own home is a work-in-progress, always in need of a little pizzaz, a little pop.  Sometimes major upheavals; more often tiny tweaks that add charm and bring happiness.


This business is an outgrowth of that.  As I decorated one home, then the next, then a condo, and finally a beach cottage, friends and family began to ask me to lend a hand.  Before I knew it, my communications consulting business  was taking the backseat to "adding pops."  And I loved it.


From a simple living room re-do -- shopped from existing pieces and enlivened with new pillows and accessories --  to a complete overhaul of a tiny rental cottage, I've run the gamut for my clients.  


Polish and style are possible on every budget.  And whether your style is warm and cozy or sleek and modern, I can help you give your house the pop to make it a home.  A reflection of you and those you love.


Isn't that what home should be about?


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