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Sometimes a room just doesn't work. Or maybe it's the entire house.


Perhaps your lifestyle has changed.  Maybe your taste has evolved.  And often you can't put your finger on what the problem really is -- you just know you don't like it.


Aside from decorating expertise and a passion for refining, I offer what I call the "fresh eyes effect."  Your room is completely new to me, no preconceived ideas, no history, no filters.  So I'm able to see the room for what it really is today -- and what we can make it be tomorrow.


Working with pieces you already own or starting from scratch, we'll polish that room until it's your favorite space


a style for every room ... and every home


Practical & functional or fun and bright, a room's purpose drives good design.


Home spaces should work together and flow, but you can create a unique mood in each through design choices including seating style, materials and fabrication, colors, and layout.


Think of it as a chance to flex your creative muscle -- and make it work for you.

It's fast - one hour. It's effective - gets results. It makes you happy - and that's good. It's one of my clients' favorite services, and an option most other decorators don't offer: the quick-pop.


I think of it as speed dating - all the fun, and no commitment, unless you want to pursue more. 


So whether you're hosting that important event and want to present your home with a bit more oomph; or if you're simply uninspired as you sit in your family room each night; or if you're getting ready to sell and need a quick check on what to do to make your home more buyer-ready - quick-pop is here.


One hour. Fifty dollars. Great ideas. Big results. Like coffee with a friend ... but more productive!



Sisel or jute?  Raised or flat panel?  Stacked stone or traditional? Lustretsone or Venetian plaster?


The details really do make the difference.  From selecting the perfect couch to lounge on for Sunday football to choosing fabulous colors that reflect your taste and style, these decisions ultimately make your house a home.



Soothing neutrals. Dramatic grays.  Brilliant coral. Dazzling pink. Vibrant aqua.


So many options.  For most it's overwhelming.


We'll work together to determine what colors make you happy, how those colors can complement each other in your home, and -- if you want -- stretch your color boundaries a bit.  


Whether you need a plan for the entire house, or a "pop" created with a few accessories, we'll work together to create colors that work.


Sometimes even a tiny color tweak transforms a room.




I'd love to help ...


Whether you're embarking on a whole-house overhaul, or making one room into the space you've been dreaming of, the decisions can be overwhelming.  From decorating, and design -- including space planning, furniture and finish selection, and art and accessories -- to color consulting and preparing your home to sell I'll partner with you to find what "pops" for you.  


You can have style on any budget.  Let's start now!

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