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Run with the runner for table transformation

The holidays are around the corner which means extra ... cooking, entertaining, guests, fun -- and for some, stress!

While I could go on and on about the cooking, today I'm going to focus on the entertaining, specifically the table.

Table coverings first. My own dining table, when extended, is 152". While this is fabulous, and I do manage to squeeze 14 around it (with two on each end), it is challenging to find linens. And store them! Many of you may share a similar problem, even if your table doesn't extend quite that much. It's not only hard to find tablecloths that size, but also really expensive when you do.


My solution is to have one or two basic cloths in neutral colors -- think a creamy Ralph Lauren -- that I accessorize with a runner. The runner can be standard sized, is found anywhere from TJMaxx to Target to Horchow, is easy to store, and adds an incredible pop.

My current favorite is this one from Kate Spade. Of course you can go wild and get the complementary tablecloth and napkins, but the runner alone packs an undeniable punch at a great pricepoint. If blue just doesn't say fall for you, she makes another in neutral dots.

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