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FUN, not fine!

I was itching for a project. A little creativity. Supplies I had in-house. Relatively quick to accomplish.

And I had a boring white lampshade. It looked just fine as it was. But fine isn't fun. Fine is a little boring, even against the brilliant lusterstone walls of the dining room. So it was craft time.

I didn't really have a vision when I began, which isn't always a great way to start. But sometimes, if you wait for a vision, you don't ever actually start. I knew I was going for imperfect and abstract, because I like that look. And, because, if I'm honest, I know my limitations. Precision in word crafting; imprecision in actual crafting.

We've got bins full of all kinds of paints, from the days when each afternoon began with, "Mommy, what are we going to craft today." Some of those were duds, because, well, twenty years ... But my "design team" and I still love a good project, so there were plenty of fresh paints to choose from.

I started with dots, magenta of course, applied with a paint brush, then softened to a watercolor effect with a wet, lint-free rag. Then on to teal slashes.

I just kept adding color in various sizes, shapes, and approaches - some more of a wet application and others maintaining brush form - until I was happy with the result. And it was time for dinner.

I love it. It may be too much for many of you, but you can tailor the approach any way you like. Two shades of a color for a soft look. Masked patterns of crisp gingham. Simple dots formed from the non-brush end of a paintbrush.

Trade the "i" for the "u" and lose the "e". FUN!

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