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Lake house transformed ... part 1, it begins

Once upon a time, on a shore not far from here, there was a family. This family purchased a lovely home with beautiful lake views and thought they'd live happily every after.

But despite the design of a pedigreed architect, the home didn't work as well as they felt it could. When the house was filled, especially throughout the summer months, with friends and family, the kitchen was tight. The layout - while magazine-worthy - a little restrictive. And so they hatched a plot to make it better.

I've known this client forever, it seems. And we share a propensity toward color and fun, especially in a second home. But where to start and how. We didn't know many craftspeople and vendors in that area. And while they relished the idea of not living with the project day-to-day, the thought of entrusting it to someone remotely was a bit daunting.

While I researched kitchen designers and cabinet makers, we also each began compiling looks of kitchens we loved, and that might work. They developed a short list of must-haves if the project was going to make sense, including increasing both cabinet and counter space, and finding a better way to use an awkward little space that had been created by this modern design.

So begins the first in a series that takes us through the process of creating a fun, warm, functional space that works for them and the way they live. Stay tuned ...

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