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Wine ... outside the glass?

I love a good red. Say ... a cab, merlot, montepulciano, or even a syrah. In my glass. In my home ... not so much.

So when Pantone released their 2015 "Color of the Year" -- marsala -- I was less than enthusastic. Recent years have featured emerald and tangerine tango ... and this seemed like a step to the dark side.


But whether you like it or not, the design/decorating industry will respond. 50 shades of marsala will be the new norm. For those who don't know, marsala is an Italian wine excellent for flavoring zabaglione ... and even chicken.

If you want to warm to the trend, you'll have plenty of options. And I say, just as you would when pouring a red, proceed slowly. Dabble a bit and see what you like.

Here are a few ways to whet your whistle without drinking the whole bottle ...

  • How about this colorblocked marsala throw pillow from Jillian Rene Decor on Etsy? She pairs the marsala with neutral linen to stunning effect. Colorblocking plus the color of the year: two trends in one. This would work to enliven a neutral sofa, or even pop as contrast on denim.

  • Or consider this pillow, from WestEndAccents, also on Etsy (can you tell it's a favorite site ...). It too captures two trends: ikat and marsala. Sounds so exotic! This would be terrific on a cream chair, or even deep charcoal.

  • Or keep it even simpler with a functional turkish towel (absorbs water beautifully) from RockRibbons.

If you love the look ... you'll be able to douse the house in it. From plush seating to chic powder-coated end tables, marsala is showing up everywhere. If you don't, take solace in the fact that each of the major paint companies has announced its color of the year. And I'm crushing on Sherwin Williams' "Coral Reef." At least for my house. My glass still gets a great red ...

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