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Dots are hot

Look around ... from purses and jackets and sweaters to homegoods of every type ... the humble dot is adding a lot of dash.

I've always been a fan of polka dots, the classic white on navy or the retro-blast bubble gum on turquoise. They add energy without overwhelming and bring youthfulness without being babyish. As I look around my office I see spots. There's the dotted fish ceramic mug that hold pens. A mat on a favorite print. Samples on my office board. And the stunning pinks and oranges that grace my cornice (technically hexagons, but ...). And it makes me happy.

In the family room, I've got polka pillows, and in the master bedroom I've got two wing chairs slipcovered in a gorgeous coral & cream dot. The slipcovers may be over the top for most, but if you're looking to inject a little fun into your decor, this is an easy win.

I'd start with a pillow or two. They're available at every price point, in a range of luscious hues, and in materials from velvet to linen. Here are a few of my favorites.

This one is from Anthropologie, and comes in other colorways, but the mint and white are so on-trend and crisp together. It would be great on a gray or denim sofa.

Or for a rich look, check out the velvet dottie, also from Anthro. It comes in several other colors and two sizes, and would be sumptuous on a neutral linen couch. Or consider spicing up your winter bedscape with a pair of these over the shams.

If you'v got an hour ... or several ... visit Etsy (one of my favorite sites). There a wide pool of incredibly talented designers and seamstresses will craft the dotted pillow of your dreams. If even a pillow seems too much, how about this sweet set of potholders (also anthro) ... a small commitment for a big punch!

As for me, I can never get enough dots. Big and small, bright and bold, they really work for me. And no clothing element or homeware is exempt. Here's looking at you washer & dryer ... you're next.

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