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“Tradition” says the ceiling needs to be white. It also says you can’t wear white after Labor Day or drink red with seafood.

So when you’re considering painting your room, don’t forget the fifth wall – the ceiling. There are so many ways to make this work beautifully. You just have to figure out the effect you want to create.

Do you love the color you’ve selected for the walls and want to envelop yourself in it, creating a warm, cocoon-y feel? Paint the ceiling in with the walls. The pink in this pic isn’t for the color-shy, but if it calls to you, what better way to make a room pop than to use it everywhere.

Or, are you like most people I work with who want to add color to their lives but aren’t sure how much … after all, aren’t there at least fifty shades of gray? A great way to be just a bit bold

and experiment with color is to pick a neutral, something you’re really comfortable with, for the walls, and put a color on the ceiling. It adds a pop, sparks some interest, lets you feel a bit design-forward … and can easily be painted that traditional white if it truly doesn’t make you smile whenever you look up. Pick a soft shade for a little contrast; and go bold with your favorite color – perhaps an echo of a ceramic

candlestick or piece of pottery or bright pillow – for a big pop.

And what about those beams? Sure, wood is – again – traditional. But unless they’re truly wonderful salvaged or rough-hewn beams that deserve to show their true colors, why not use them as a design element. Think about painting them, the ceiling around them, or both, to further the mood of the room.

Last but not least, consider a finish to really make a room come to life. From Venetian plaster burnished to bounce light to a faux copper effect, a fabulous finish is like the topping on a sundae – the best part.

Why should Italian churches have all the fun? Time to make like Mic, Michelangelo that is, and make your ceiling a work of art. Except you’ll take hours instead of years.

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