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We've all got hangups ...

I just prefer mine on a wall.

I’m talking about blankets, and fabrics, and tapestries … oh my. Every home has at least one problem wall. It’s that looming blank space that begs for something interesting. Anything. It’s usually a big space. And typically in one of the main rooms of the house. So, you have to see it every day.

Just as you can revitalize a worn chair or couch with creative, vibrant blankets, so too the wall.

Many clients don’t warm to the blanket trend until I show them a few examples, and make my pitch. Sometimes I arrive, blankets in tow, and have to do a demo. But once shown, they cozy up to the idea and end up loving the look. Here are just a few reasons to consider putting your hang-ups on the wall:

  • You’ll cover a bit space with little effort. That vaulted family room ceiling seems less, well, tall, with a vibrant blanket hang just-so.

  • The possibilities are endless – from Moroccan wedding quilts (that you don’t actually have to go to Morocco to get) to rugged Mexican rugs available for a song to frazadas, those amazing blankets from Peru. Again, no trip to the Andes necessary; these are readily available on Etsy, for starters.

  • They play well with everything. Because they’re so different, they won’t fight whatever artwork you already have in the space – whether that’s your kindergartner's latest creation or a gallery wall of travel photos.

  • You’ll add texture – one of the key elements of thoughtful design that folks forget about. Aside from the tremendous color pop you could get, I’ve seen gorgeous all-neutral hangings that would add a layer of cozy to even the most sterile space.

  • You don’t have to reserve this for foyers and living rooms. Blankets and tapestries make a great backdrop behind a bed.

  • You can decorate big for very little. Of course prices range, but compared to a similarly sized painting, your blanket will seem like a bargain. And because it’s a bargain …

  • You can change it up seasonally, or when you’re done with that look. I often suggest a simple iron rod, or those clever wooden brackets sold on-line everywhere that make changing out your hang-up, um hanging, easy.

It's not for everyone, and I'm not suggesting we pull out our jute and re-live the 70s. But for an easy fix of warmth and texture, give blankets a second look.

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