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Plaidicize me!

Call it buffalo check. Call it tartan. Call it checked. Call it Glenn. But for goodness sake, you’ve got to call it into your home!

Always near to my heart, it's this season’s decorating and apparel sweetheart showing up on everything from fabulous mohair coats to peppy area rugs and everything in-between.

Target did a major “Mad for Plaid” co-lab with Adam Lippes that landed plaid on everything – tabletop to pooch gear. And to go along with it, target plaidened – or if you prefer, plaidicized – everything from tissues to lip balm. Maybe they truly went a little mad for plaid, but it’s so easy to invite the look into your home, even if only for a season.

For just a touch, consider the mohair plaid throw from Pottery Barn. If you pick the gray/white color scheme it’s less lumberjack meets holiday and more cozy snow day, and makes the perfect almost neutral drape on a couch or chair. Not to mention the warmth it offers when the temps finally dip (they will …).

Or debut an area rug or runner to replace the well-worn number in front of the sink … or at the door …. Lots are available, but few sources offer the variety both in color scheme, material, and size that are waiting to grace your floors at Dash & Albert.

If that seems too permanent, how about dressing the table? My favorite trick here if you can’t find a runner that’s just right is to shop the scarf section at your local store. Come winter, everywhere from the big department stores to TJMaxx and Target is brimming with scarves. Just be sure the length and width suit your table well, and opt for something washable. This isn’t the time to splurge on cashmere!

Or what about adding a pop of plaid to your serving table. We’re used to seeing the traditional red and green plaids this time of year, but stay neutral with this black and white number available at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Your food will pop, and you won’t feel that you’ve got to put the plate away after the holiday. A slightly more expensive option comes in the blue plate by Fitz & Floyd (OneKingsLane)– striking, trendy, and classic – a triple threat that doesn’t happen often.

And for those who really love plaid, go all out and welcome Victor – a West Elm beauty executed in a deep wool flannel

plaid that evokes the well-dressed man – into your home.

Whether it’s plaid-handled utensils or plaid napkins, go a little mad … something this fun deserves a happy home.

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